The Work of Hope for Youth Uganda

Originally posted Nov 7, 2010 8:32 PM by Project Africa   [ updated Nov 7, 2010 8:50 PM ]

By Peter Nsubuga (Uganda)

Hope for Youth – Uganda (HFYU), is an infant Non-profit organization operating registered and in Uganda since November 2007.

HFYU is looking for volunteers / interns / gap year students for the above programs activities. For information on how you can assist, please contact Peter Nsubuga, email: /

HFYU was founded by Peter Nsubuga, a trained accountant who switched professions to respond to the problems and needs of his community, caused by lack of Education, lack of clean water for consumption, diseases and extreme poverty.

Peter became concerned about the number of children not able to attend school and living in very impoverished conditions. Many of these children have lost at least one, if not both, parents to AIDS. They live with grandmas, or aunties – who are often caring for their own and many other’s children in crowded and at times unsanitary conditions. Although primary school in Uganda is “free” – children need to pay for supplies, uniforms, food and for many this is just not possible. Grandparents are too old to carry on with subsidence farming and therefore children are often hungry. Peter and his brother David (both directors of HFYU) had lost their father during the Idi Amin years and have firsthand knowledge of the struggles faced by a single parent trying to provide the basics of daily life, not to mention education and medical care to her children.  They wanted to do something to help.

HFYU aims at creating opportunities and empowering vulnerable children, youth and their guardians (especially mothers) to live a lifelong commitment to active citizenship, through Education and Self-Help projects – focusing towards social and economic improvement within their households. The project currently benefits about 800 people, but the number is anticipated to rise to over 3000 beneficiaries in the near future.

Our program started with 7 orphan children and has now grown to over 260 destitute children and families in our communities.

Our current activities include an infant’s free day school – Nursery to form 5 (we add one class each year to cater for those who upgrade to upper classes) for children most of whose parents died of AIDS, and do not attend the public schools (although public schools are free the costs of books, supplies, uniforms prohibits many from attending the public system); our current enrolment is 256 children. We aim at starting a vocational school for children after form 7. The school is open to all deserving children in the community with no discrimination whatsoever.

Despite our huge commitment there is NO single permanent building apart from the four temporary classroom structures built with temporary wooden timber cut-offs.

Some Children are currently studying under trees, but our friendly atmosphere makes them enjoy and love the school.  They feel loved and cared for – many have found a home.

Along with the school, HFYU also runs an outreach program aimed at working in partnership with the guardians who look after the children. We reach out to them regularly for sensitization on HIV/AIDS, Family Planning, Water and Sanitation, Nutritious feeding of children, Food Security, Malaria control, General Hygiene + Income generating projects for improvement of their well being. We also get to know the children’s homes, the people they stay with and the problems they face at home; thus providing an arena to better meet their needs.

HFYU also supports a teen’s program through music and drama performances. The Teen group of about 25 girls and boys get together to make up plays, songs, dances, improv games, that deal with issues affecting their lives. They use these performances to pass on useful information to other teens in-school and out-of-schools. This program acts as a mobilizing tool for identification of key local volunteers and a delivery mechanism for HIV/AIDS education and prevention strategies. Competitions among community villages and schools, offer the opportunity to engage youth in activities that build their knowledge and skills to protect themselves from diseases and other issues affecting them.

We do cultivation of crops for feeding children and distribution to weak guardians. We have also a brick making project + piggery for sustainability of the project.

Water is a major problem. The well is along distance from the school and the water itself is not good for human consumption. The Hand Wash campaign which has been so successful in Africa (according to UNICEF and WHO) is not applicable here – due to water scarcity – even for cooking. There is desperate need for a borehole which would not only help the school project, but also the surrounding community.

HFYU is looking for volunteers / interns / gap year students for the above programs activities. For information on how you can assist, please contact Peter Nsubuga, email: /


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