Friday Top Five March 8th!

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1. Studio Africa

Studio Africa is a campaign fueled by the efforts of Diesel and an African denim collection called EDUN. Their online presence features nine cast members that are creating and documenting their own stories as well as helping to shape the future. Check out the site here.

2. I See a Different You

I See a Different You began with three men from Soweto, South Africa: Using photography and sharing it as allowed them to portray Soweto and South Africa the way that they truly see it. In addition check out their ‘TED’ talk above.

3. Black Coffee

Nkosinathi Maphumuslo otherwise known as  DJ Black Coffee is a South African mainstay in the house music scene. I’d rather show you, then tell you so check out this series ‘On the Road with Black Coffee’ to learn a little bit more of this legend.

4. African Lookbook

African Lookbook began in 2012 by Aaron Kohn and Phil Sandick. Their efforts have resulted in an online collection of oral histories, a shop, and a blog detailing their work. From their website:

FanAt its most basic, oral histories are interviews between an interviewer who has prepared for the meeting by doing extensive research and a narrator who will be asked to give an autobiographical sketch of herself. In this intersubjective moment, the interviewee actively creates her narrative, stringing together memories into the story of her life, thereby revealing to the interviewer the meaning behind certain events. To do so, she continually figures and grounds in the Gestalt sense, translating her meaning into narratives that she thinks will make sense to the Listening Other (see also Don Quixote’s idle reader).

An oral history is thus a window into how one person constructs meaning out of memory and relays that meaning to another person.

5. Marian Kihogo

Marian Kihogo is a stylist and blogger now based in London, hailing from Ghana. Her blog has garnered quite a lot of attention and her own style is fairly eye-catching. Check out her blog and specifically her personal style diary  and step into a whole new outlook on fashion.

marian1q     marian2s

Have fun! 

– Have anything you’d like make the top five or want to guest curate a list one friday? Email us ProjectAfrica.NS(at)gmail(dot)com. 


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