Friday Top Five – April 19th

Project Africa Friday Top Five April 19th

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1. African Cities


Though there should be a separate post that discusses this article and the concept of Africa Rising, read the following article and post your thoughts in the comments!

“Yet despite this promising trajectory, the modern, urban, and thriving Africa is not the one we usually see — a reality that Swedish photographer Jens Assur is hoping to change with a new collection of photographs. “In Sweden, we see only two types of pictures from Africa,” Assur tells FP. ‘It’s either war, famine, and HIV, or pretty lions on the savanna. I know, because I have myself contributed to those images, being a photo journalist in the 90s,’ he adds.

This time around, Assur chose to focus on big cities instead of the slums on the outskirts of urban areas, with the aim of capturing ‘what could be called a revolution in terms of construction, infrastructure, growth, and’” … read more here.

2. Foodie Revolution 

Republic bar, Accra, Ghana

Republic has an ethos of using local ingredients, championing traditional Ghanaian brews and ingredients but serving them up with a twist, and its owners say they are part of a foodie revolution beginning in the region, marking a new dawn in attitudes … keep reading here!

3. Hacks/Hackers Africa  

May be an odd choice to include here but with their be so much discussion about the internet and property and data, the African chapter of Hacks/Hackers is an interesting thing to check out.

“Journalists call themselves “hacks”, someone who can churn out words in any situation. Hackers use the digital equivalent of duct tape to whip out code. This group brings them all together, to help them create a more engaged and informed world.”

4. Takun

“Takun J was born on May 14 in Monrovia, Liberia, where he survived the country’s 14 year civil war with his single mother and 3 siblings. Even during those hard times, it was clear that Takun had an entertainer’s spirit.  In 2005, he released his first single, “We’ll Spay You” followed the next year by “You Meaning Me”. … The success of those songs was cut short as the war flared up and a resettlement program took Takun to refugee camps in Ghana, and later, Ivory Coast. … When the opportunity arose, he returned to Liberia to rebuild his country. He sees music, and especially Hip Co- the unique Liberian language of the streets and markets- as integral to this. In 2007, he released The Time, his first full length album. … Since then, Takun has committed himself to writing songs that speak truth, promote unity, and resonate with people’s everyday experiences.” Read more here.

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5. Nasseman 

“Rabbie has been living in Monrovia his entire life, including during the war when hundreds of thousands fled the country. He has some incredible and at times disturbing stories from Liberia’s tumultuous recent history, beginning in the earliest years of his childhood. We’ve heard only a few of these, but far more of his jamming reggae tracks. Rabbie writes music with a focus on social justice, singing about the problems he sees in Liberian society (as well as a few love songs and club numbers). After hearing some of his songs and seeing a couple music videos from an album several years ago, Chris Giamo arranged to start shooting a music video for an unreleased track during our downtime from the main Together Liberia project. The rest of the group was extremely excited about the idea, so we’ve got a full crew working for Rabbie, who couldn’t be more elated – it’s a blessing from God, he says.”   Read more here.

You can listen to his channel on Spotify and buy his songs on iTunes!

* Bonus –  In Pictures: Liberian hip-co article 


6 thoughts on “Friday Top Five – April 19th

  1. Thanks for the great post! I must say, the caption on the Africa Rising page is pretty funny – “Africa is a Great Country” – come on FP!!!! But I agree that Africa cities are totally invigorating. Before moving back to the US two years ago, I lived in Kenya for five year and had the opportunity to travel to 17 Africa countries as part of my job. I can personally tell you that Africa has some of the most fun cities in the world. My top five in no particular order: Nairobi, Dakar, Mombasa, Kampala, and Durban.

    • I agree that cities in Africa are a very interesting subject, I just, as did you, scoff at how FP framed it. It was that element of surprise that accompanied these photos that really put me off. I retweeted the Lu on twitter and said its only surprising if you haven’t been paying attention! Ps if you’re ever interested you could write a post or two about african cities and post it here on project Africa. Think about it! Amd thanks for commenting!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my stories on Nasseman! It’s great to see him getting some buzz. Look for great things from him (and his good friend Takun J) in the future!

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