Studying education and social reform in South Africa is presenting multiple issues that require delving into. South Africa is perhaps among the states with the most lasting impacts of colonialism. During a visit to the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, the following  quote captured how South African society has been able to transcend the shadow of history: “To harbor grievances would be to lesson one’s character.”- Nelson Mandela

Although still lacking in fundamental development, the profoundness of this statement is what has allowed South Africa to progress. Upon arrival I was struck by what appears to be a harmonious existence of multiple races and ethnicities. Forgiveness as an ideology permeates the fabric of the society, which manifests in infrastructure development, education, health, and other reforms. As my studies progress and I continue to analyze the education and development in the country, I wonder how other African states would progress if they adopted this policy to forgive and allow open dialogue with their “colonizers”. How much more can African states advance if we forgave past ills?


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