Making your dreams come true

Hello everyone.

I apologize for not updating everyone on the blog. My topic for this sector is how to make your dreams come to life. Although I am still a student, I have a plethora of goals I want to accomplish before my time comes. I will not publicly delineate my goals for everyone to


Firstly, I implore you to find your purpose first: All college majors may not be pertinent to what we do in life. However, I will advise that you go to a dean or an academic advisor that can help guide your academic career. You can find your purpose by either reading books, prayer to a higher power, defining the common denominator between your idols (for instance, there are all managers of some sort or are in the medical field). Ultimately, the most significant way of finding what one really likes is by spending more time by themselves; this way, you can think on your own without the unnecessary input of others and will realize what how your goals will work around your strengths [and weaknesses].


After you have had an epiphany of what you would like to become, write them down on a piece of paper that you will save. I realized that writing things down helps clarify what you are looking for. Writing things can be therapeutic to some, while for others it makes them have a deeper understanding of their goals.


Be active: in one of my previous blogs, I mentioned ways on how to become an active member of any organization. Look into organizations and groups with similar interest and build your network with others.


Seek inspiration: Each day I go to school or work I find little ways that can inspire me to do better. It will not hit you like an asteroid; it is just small lifts of encouragement that should get you by inspiration-typography09day-to-day. In order to recognize inspiration you must first rid yourself of any insecurity. If you are the type of person that is easily envious of other people’s success then you will find it hard to be encouraged. It will be difficult to be uplifted when you constantly talk down on yourself as well as others. These people who you are envious of are the first people you should go to for advise, mentorship, friendship, or just simply being an acquaintance.


As you can tell, my segments come from experience. It would be anticipated that I speak in regards to healthcare or public health concerning West Africa; however, this is not the case. I want to be able to address issues concerning Africans and be able to offer advice. We as Africans, Nigerians especially, have pride the size of Mount Kilimanjaro, which makes us reluctant to seek help from others. With this reluctance comes apprehension and distrust for others and our primary outlet is to tear down others in order to fill our inadequacies. I implore you to look within yourself, ask yourself what it is you want out of life, what are your strengths and weaknesses, and how do you measure success. As I mentioned before writing things down can help make bleak ideas more visible. Write down your short and long-term goals and objectives to accomplish them.


Tis all…


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