Friday Top Five – April 11th

In a bit of a throwback to last week’s post about things I am excited for about Design Africa, this week’s Friday Top Five are things I loved about Design Africa!

1. Our Recap

          Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 12.06.49 PM

We created the hashtag #DesignAfrica14 in hopes that participants would tag posts related to the conference so those unable to make it could check in throughout the ay on various social media sites to see what was going on and that conversations that began at the conference could continue afterwards online. We have a page on this site dedicated to the collection of photos and various other related content from the day so you can refer back or take a look for the first time. Feel free to head there when you’re done reading this week’s Top 5!

2. Our Volunteers

One of our volunteers - Sarah Gallagher - doing everything to get a good shot!
Picture Credit: HYCIDE Magazine

We put out a call for volunteers and for a Saturday in the final stretch of the semester you all delivered! We had students from various classes help us out for as long as they could, and helped with things such as photos and live tweets, assembling programs and moving cafeteria furniture. . . this was a student run conference with students handling major aspects of this conference and it ran smoothly because everyone involved understood what they were doing, wanted the conference to be a success, and were representing the school, their program and – of course – Project Africa!


3. Our Workshop



The post-its were the questions and points people wrote down earlier that day, during the panel discussions
Photo Credit: HYCIDE Magazine

3. We partnered with a lot of Parson’s affiliated people including a group on campus called Born Free and students in the Transdisciplinary Design Program. They helped spearhead an ideation workshop in which afternoon attendees and panelists / speakers broke off into smaller groups, discussed some of the points or questions raised earlier in the conference and hypothetically created a solution for a problem or issue that the group discussed based on those points. I think my group proved this may not be for everyone but if you are on New School ‘campus’ feel free to ask our Community Outreach director Michael Aryee about his group and their coffee shop business plan . . . 


4. Our Panelists



Some of our speakers (from left to right): Samuel Suraphel, Mu Gadu, Saki Mafundikwa, Kathleen Bomani , Sian Morson 
Photo Credit: HYCIDE Magazine 

We invited a wide array of professionals and scholars to speak on areas of tech, urbanization, fashion and overall design. Throughout the day we watched insightful, unique, and at times amusing presentations on many topics with examples and case studies from many many countries. (Since Africa is not a country . . . ) To learn more about who we had you can check out our Eventbrite page and check back on the conference page for presentations and social media handles.


5. It Can Happen Again!



Photo Credit: HYCIDE Magazine

It was a success, and many panelists and speakers noted these types of conversations need to be happening more often. Keep following our posts, like us on social media sites and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop regarding the future of Design Africa conference.




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