The students in the New School’s Graduate Program in International Affairs (GPIA) formed Project Africa to encourage and foster awareness about African issues, cultures, and values.

We Believe that the issues that plague Africa should not define a continent that has outlived wars, natural disasters, and even domination by imperial powers. Thus, Project Africa aims to educate students and the public about Africa’s flourishing cultures, the people, and the beauty of the land.  Our Mission is to promote a greater understanding and increase cross-cultural awareness of the continent and its people. Through our efforts, we wish to inspire other students to further their knowledge of Africa through constructive dialogue, personal research, or interdisciplinary engagement.

Every year this student-run organization brings together, some of the best minds researching and working in Africa, to share their findings and provide news from the field.

Through its events, Project Africa educates students and the public about Africa’s history, politics, and trends on development efforts, gender issues, and a wide array of other topics. Each year Project Africa hosts cultural events such as film screenings, musical and artistic showcases, and literature reviews on and off the campus.

Contact Us! 

Email: projectafrica.ns@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProjectAfricaNS

Twitter: ProjectAfricaNS   Pinterest: ProjectAfricaNS


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